4 Tips to Hire the Best Local Moving Company

You might rank shopping for a Kent moving company right up there with watching paint dry, but the modest investment of time and effort required will really pay off on moving day. You’ll enjoy the confidence that comes with trusting your valuable belongings to a reputable company, and comparing bids from multiple service providers will keep more cash in your pocket.

In this two-part guide, we’ll detail the steps you should take in your journey to find the perfect moving company.

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Moving Tip #1: Ask For Recommendations.

Once you’ve determined the type of moving help you require, quiz friends, coworkers, and local real estate agents about their experiences. This is an effective way to weed out less reputable companies, and find ones that offer great customer service.



Online consumer reviews can also be a useful resource. Don’t rely on websites that offer to find a mover for you, since some of these sites involve numerous scams. Similarly, you shouldn’t use household goods brokerage companies, since they aren’t regulated by the same laws moving companies are required to follow.


Moving Tip #2: Screen Companies.


Once you’ve compiled a list of recommended movers, check them out online. Visit to see if the company is a member of the Better Business Bureau.


The American Moving and Storage Association ( maintains a list of members who abide by the organization’s published tariffs, and cooperate in its arbitration program. Membership is voluntary, and as long as a moving company has a good reputation, the fact that it isn’t a member shouldn’t rule it out. Visit – a consumer advocacy site – to read reviews of your recommended movers.


Moving Tip #3: Receive Estimates.

Request an estimate from your three leading recommendations. Any reputable mover will provide an accurate estimate. Don’t hire a moving company that has reviews online for which customers stated they were charged above their estimate.


Estimates for interstate moves depend on the weight of the items you’re moving, as well as the trip distance. For in-state moves, laws vary. Some states, like California, require moving companies to provide a binding written estimate. Other states, such as Illinois, prohibit them from doing so. While interstate movers are permitted to charge you for a binding estimate, they are typically offered free of charge.


Moving Tip #4: Look at Online Reviews.


Before selecting a moving company be sure to Google search their name and read up on reviews left by previous customers.


Pay the most attention to reviews that are detailed, mention names of employees,  location, general pricing, accuracy of estimate provided, and distance moved. The more specific the review the more likely it is real and an experience that you can also expect.


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