5 Restaurants to Try in Seattle for a New Dining Experience

Choosing where to eat is always a struggle. Whether it is because there is not enough variety, or no one in the group wants to make the final decision, it can be difficult to find a good place to eat. When looking for a different kind of cuisine, Seattle has a lot to offer. There are choices from pizza to sushi.

Moving to Seattle is a great choice. There are great places to eat, hang out, and there are always activities for the whole family. It does not have to be difficult to move. Using CMS Relocation & Logistics makes moving easy. Allow someone else to move all your belongings worry-free and have time to enjoy Seattle. Choose any of these five restaurants for a new dining experience.


Un Bien



Un Bien is a tasty sandwich shop. It is a family run business. The sons of the original owner currently make all of the unique sandwiches. It is a Caribbean sandwich shop that also serves a variety of sides like corn, rice, and beans. If looking for more than a sandwich there are entrees that come with a salad, rice, and black beans.

While there are many options in food there is no need to get more than a sandwich. The sandwiches are so large that it is a good idea to grab a friend and share. They are piled high with freshly made ingredients and can be put on a baguette or tortilla. There are two locations to enjoy the tasty creations. Plus there are even options for catering.



wataru seattle


If looking for a sushi experience, Wataru is the place to go. Shiro Kashiba is the mind behind the many creations that can be tasted at Wataru. There are many students that have studied under Shiro Kashiba. Throughout the years there have been many creations from Shiro as well as from the brilliant students that study with him.

There are different options to dine at Wataru. To have a great time always order omakase at the chef’s counter. This is the option that provides Edomae prepared sushi that has a distinct flavor. There will also be seasonal flavors and dishes to enjoy.

There is a sushi bar for those that prefer to make their own choices. This allows anyone dining to get as much as they desire of their favorite dishes. No matter how a person dines at Wataru, they will not be disappointed in the innovative flavors that are put on their plate.


Harvest Beat

harvest beat seattle


Harvest Beat is everything a restaurant should aspire to be. They compost their excess food, they always make sure to have minimal waste, and they create delicious food. Their menu changes often. It is a menu that is decided by the restaurant goer. A picky eater may not like the way people dine at Harvest Beat.

The restaurant uses fresh produce and products from farmers in the area. So all of the dishes have a home-made, fresh feel. Plus the restaurant is vegetarian and many dishes are vegan. All of the meals are centered around wonderful fresh ingredients, they do not include meats. While this may turn some, die-hard meat lovers away, no one misses the taste of meat with the vibrant flavors on their plate.

Even if eating vegetarian is not a stable in someone’s diet, the Harvest Beat is a great place to try new foods. It can introduce someone to a new way of thinking about a meal, that does not contain meats, while they enjoy the flavors that they are eating.



joule restaurant seattle


Joule is the collaboration between a husband-and-wife pairing. Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi opened the restaurant and have done a series of updates and changes to make it a critically acclaimed Korean steakhouse. While they use classic techniques to create their food, each dish has been changed to create new flavors.

The mixture of classic and innovative styles has created a restaurant that is popular for brunch and dinner. There is a wide variety of foods to choose from and the menu is always being reconstructed. This keeps all of the flavors fresh and new. Visiting Joule regularly does not mean always getting the same meal.

Brunch is served buffet style with a choice of a dish from the kitchen. There are always different items at the buffet. Anyone that has an allergy, or someone who just likes to see what they are getting, can look at the restaurant’s website to learn more about the buffet of the month..

Dinner is more traditional. There are choices from starters, salads, sides like rice and noodles or vegetables, the main course that consists of steak, and there are some entree options that are not steak centered as well.


Windy City Pie

windy city pie seattle


Windy City Pie is a great place to sit down and enjoy a skillfully made pizza. However, it is always wonderful to order a pizza on the way to the restaurant and take it home for a relaxing night in. There are certain hours of the day that the restaurant is only open for pick-up. If someone is really craving a slice of pizza during those hours they will have to settle for a pizza to-go.

The pizzas created here are inspired by the famous Chicago-style pizzas. While there are influences from this style, the pizzas are still unique in their ingredients and some of the techniques used to make them. There are many kinds of pizzas to choose from, but there is always the option to create your own.

Choosing a place to eat does not have to be a stressful experience. Take the time to go to any of these five different restaurants and enjoy a variety of cuisine. Many of these restaurants have a rotating menu. The owners choose which items to serve and it makes for a unique experience every time. No matter what is ordered, the dishes are sure to please.

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