A Pirates Life For Me A Celebration in Seattle

There are many ways to know that it is summer in Seattle.  One way is to watch out for the Seafair Pirates.  That is right, pirates are a sure indication that summer is in full swing.  The Seattle Seafair Pirates are a tradition in Seattle.  They are often found visiting local nursing homes or even hospitals when they are not seizing the Alki Beach.  Watching them port at the beach is quite the spectacle and is accompanies by a festival fit for a pirate.   


The Pirates

Seattle Seafair Pirates Event


The pirates that are participating in this event are screened and selected with musical or theatrical skills.  They are also trained to make sure all of their stunts and activities they participate in are safe for everyone around them.  Making it a spectacular show to see and a safe one too.  Over forty pirates partake in these shenanigans and it is quite a sight to see them all together at once.


Captain Kidd

These pirates are making another appearance, led by Captain Kidd, to find the bounty that they left behind in years past.  They land on Alki Beach in Seattle to search high and low for their missing treasure.  Be sure to get their early to catch a sight of them landing on the beach in the afternoon.  But be sure to move out of the way when they start coming up the beach.


Living Like a Pirate

Pirate Event in Seattle


Not only will there be pirates on the beach but many vendors will be selling their wares as well.  What other time is there over forty pirates to serve?  Vendors have to take advantage of this chance when they have it.  Vendors will be setting up in the morning to be ready when the pirates arrive in the afternoon.


Wares will include food, pirate themed toys for the kids, art, and even clothing.  Be sure to bring along a few gold coins to get a chance to buy some of these rare wares.  They will be hard to find any other time than during this pirate landing.


Children always love meeting pirates.  There are even rides for children who want to sale the seas like a pirate.  They can play all day on inflatable rides.  Be sure to dress in pirate attire.  There will be a contest to find the best civilian pirate look-a-like.


The entire day will be filled with pirate fun.  Participants love to pull out their old costumes from years past and walk around in pirate garb.  Brush up on some pirate talk and join the rest of Seattle in celebrating this event.


The Event

Events in Seattle


Every year the event is a little different.  Different vendors may choose to partake with all new wares to sell.  There are always vendors that have many pirate themed products to sell.  Sometimes there are face painters or even henna artists like like to set up a booth.  Watch out for a psychic who may have a future to tell.


There is never a shortage of food.  It is a popular event for food trucks to drive up and sell their wonderful variety of foods.  Some even get in the spirit and tailor their menu to be pirate themed.  No matter what food is purchased it is sure to be scrumptious.


The event does bring many people together, as unorthodox as the celebration is.  There are many non-profit organizations that like to join in on the fun.  They will often provide free entertainment for children who are attending the celebration.



It is not a celebration without music.  Guests can expect to hear a live band playing as they walk through the many shops that are set up.  Those that are really feeling the beat may want to shake their booty on the dance floor.  Grab a pirate friend and enjoy the musical entertainment.


The Ship

When the Seattle Seafair Pirates first started they rode in on a 1920 Seagrave pumper firetruck.  This truck was borrowed from their fire chief at the time and would come down the street sirens blaring.


After the firetruck came a landing craft from World War II.  The coast guard lent this landing craft to the Seafair Pirates with a driver and police escort.  Even though this setup was working well the pirates’ numbers quickly grew and they needed a new vessel.


Finally, in 1954 an amphibious landing craft, the DUKW, found its way to the pirates.  There have been many designs on “the duck” over the years.  Since getting their own vessel the pirates have been funding their own celebrations.  Each event they partake in is paid for by themselves or by sponsors that wish to help in the celebrations.


There is no better way to celebrate a summer day than with pirates.  It is an interesting activity that many people do not see in their towns.  Seattle is home to these Seafair Pirates and they love to take part in the many activities and events the pirates put on.  It is fun for the pirates as well as those that attend the event.


This event has always been about the pirates’ joy for participating.  They all genuinely love what they do.  Their costumes are carefully crafted to fit their pirate persona.  They love interacting with visitors, especially the children who are excited about meeting a pirate for the first time.  Their love to theater carried through into this fun tradition.

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