Best 4 Seattle Day Trips for the Fall

Fall is a wonderful time of year. There are many holidays to celebrate, the intense heat of summer is over ending, and there is beauty everywhere. Seattle is a great area to visit if someone is looking for traditional fall foliage. Relaxing romantic walks, leaf fights with the children, or vigorous jogs through the trails can all be found in Seattle.

Kubota Garden

Kubota Garden in Seattle

Kubota Garden is an area that is both child-friendly and dog-friendly. Bring the whole family to enjoy a day out. There is much more to see than just the colors of the trees. The garden has ponds filled with fish, a waterfall, and Japanese maple trees.

The beauty that is found at Kubota Garden can sometimes be bought. There are different times during the fall where experts are on site to sell the different plants that are seen in the garden. Take a plant home to enjoy the relaxation the park brings every day.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park in Seattle

Discovery Park is not a one visit area. This park is the largest in Seattle and there are many opportunities for fun. One day visit the colorful areas filled with trees. Relax in an open meadow the next day. Take a stroll along the sand dunes or the cliffs for a more exciting adventure with the children. Be sure to bring a camera. There are plenty of stunning areas to get a good family photo.

There are eleven miles of trails to explore. If looking for a more relaxing day sit on the beach or have a nice lunch at one of the many picnic tables. For the days that the children have a lot of extra energy stop by the children’s play area. Where they can play to their heart’s content.

Union Bay Natural Area

Union Bay Natural View in Seattle

Union Bay Natural Area is the area to visit if looking for wildlife. There is a mixture of wetlands and grasslands so there are many animals to encounter. Many people visit this area to find the many types of birds like like to reside here. Make sure to bring some binoculars and a good camera to capture the beauty of the walk.

Be sure to wear clothes that can get dirty. The trails are gravel. Throughout the fall season, it is very wet along the trails. This can cause them to be muddy. While it is fun to walk along and get a little messy it can be hard to bring very little children with. Bring a carrier with for when they get too tired.

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier in Seattle

Visiting Mount Rainier is great for the family that enjoys their day without the commotion of many other people around. It is a stunning landscape that not as many take the time to enjoy. Another great part about this area is that there are very few bugs around. The day can be filled with fun instead of putting on bug spray constantly. Hiking with the family here is sure to wear everyone out for a good night’s sleep.

Fall in Seattle can be found around every corner. Seattle has many areas that are beautiful in the fall. The many parks and wildlife areas are full of life and color. They can make for a great day out if the whole family wants to enjoy the wonders of nature during this colorful time of year. Be sure to pack a picnic to bring along. A long day of hiking is always better when it ends with a good meal.

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