Fall Festivities in Seattle Fun For Adults and Children Alike

To truly experience a city one must see it every season. Visiting Seattle in the fall is an experience in itself. The beauty that the city has is only amplified by the warm fall colors. Businesses are in full swing of celebrating the upcoming holidays and luckily the regular crowds have cleared out since it is not prime tourist season. There are plenty of fun activities to do this October in Seattle.




When some people think of a vacation they think warm, sunny, and on a beach. That is not what vacationers or residents are going to get in October in Seattle. Seattle always has rain. October is no different. If planning on doing any activities outside be sure to bring a good umbrella and shoes that will not soak up water. The city does not get heavy rain, but it is generally drizzling the entire season.

Seattle is a city that plans for weather. Most activities, even if they are outside, know that there will be a little rain. There are many activities that go on rain or shine. So do not be disappointed if it is raining because the day is not ruined. Just put on some warm clothes and head out with that umbrella.


Fall Foods


Seattle is home to many farmers markets. There are a few that are only open during certain seasons. While many of the markets follow the seasons with different foods. During the fall months, there are fresh ingredients for all fall favorites. People can go buy pumpkins to decorate or eat, apples, yams, and so much more.

If cooking with fresh ingredients is not on the itinerary it is still easy to enjoy these wonderful foods. Many restaurants will change up their menu to fit the local fresh produce. Making their dishes all the more scrumptious.


Fall Drinks


Visiting Seattle without having a drink is almost insulting to the city. Seattle has some of the best conditions for hop-growing which means it is an ideal area for anyone looking to brew. There are many people that do. There are many seasonal drinks that are grown and made right in Seattle. Yes, even pumpkin spice flavored drinks will be available.


With everyone clamoring for a taste of fall favorites Seattle always have beer festivals in October. These festivals typically take place on a weekend and it is a two-day experience to taste all of the new creations of the local breweries. Many times these festivals are Halloween themed so be prepared to pull out a costume before joining in on the fun.


Besides festivals, there are always Halloween pub crawls to join in on. A perfect time to show off that costume that took months to make and a way to visit all of the best pubs in the areas. Be sure to sign up early to get a spot, this is a popular event to participate in for locals.


Perfect Time to Explore


Not only is Seattle beautiful during the fall, but it is also a lot less busy. Most people want to shop and experience Seattle in the summer months. Fall is not the go-to time for vacationers or even residents to be out and about. That makes it a great time of the year for anyone that is looking to plan a trip or visit some of the local businesses.

Fall Foliage


Fall is the perfect time to get the best pictures of the many parks that Seattle has to offer. These parks are beautiful all year round. But in the fall the reds, oranges, greens, and yellows turn them into a picture-perfect fall backdrop. Walking through these parks with the crisp cool air is sure to get anyone in the mood for some fall festivals. Take plenty of pictures to capture this perfect fall moment.


For the Kids


There is no shortage of activities for the children either. October brings out all of the best costumes and candy. There are so many businesses that want to get in on the spirit of Halloween it can be difficult to choose where to go. Get ready to bring home a lot of candy, there are going to be a ton of areas to visit before Halloween is over.


Start with a favorite. Trick-or-treating at the zoo. Even the animals get in on the fun. Of course, they are looking for tasty treats like pumpkins. However, there will be games, crafts, and candy for children to find all throughout the zoo.
If looking for a free option going to Capitol Hill may be the way to go. Not only will there be candy, but there is a Halloween parade, as well. While watching the parade and getting candy there are many carnival activities to visit. Play a few games and be sure to dress to impress.


There are many shopping districts and malls that participate in trick-or-treating too. Plus there are areas that have trunk-or-treating. A great option for families with small children who do not want to be out for too long on a cool October night. Stay cozy inside a mall to get sweet treats. Or quickly see all the wonderful decorations of those participating in trunk-or-treating without needing to spend hours outside walking through neighborhoods.


October is a great month to visit a town. Everyone is in the full swing of their fall spirit and looking for have a good time. Businesses are serving pumpkin-themed foods and beverages, there is candy galore, and the whole community is coming together to celebrate. Seattle has the best areas to visit for breweries and fresh fall foods. Plus the children can join in on the fun and trick-or-treat in many areas around the city.

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