Living Life in Seattle

When thinking about moving to Seattle many people first think about the rain. It is true that Seattle does have a lot of rain but it also gives the city its unique beauty. When the day is a bit more sunny it is easy to take your pup with you to many of the pet friendly areas in city. For those days that you just cannot get through Seattle is one of the best places to find coffee. There are all sorts of shops from big named companies to mom and pop stores. Enjoy the rain days in, the sunny days at a park, and those tired days with a big cup of coffee.


rain in seattle


Even though the thought of living life in the rain can seem a bit depressing, it is actually not as disappointing as you would think. The rain in Seattle is what makes this city great. It gives it more life and when it does clear up it is spectacular.

The view of the city on a clear day reveals a modern city that is surrounded by luscious plant life and trees. You will see massive Douglas Fir growing throughout the city and can find many locations to enjoy the natural beauty of Seattle.

If you dress for the weather you will find yourself enjoying what this city has to offer. Throw on a raincoat and boots and travel to the local diner for a bite to eat.

Dog Friendly

seattle dog friendly city


Seattle is one of the most dog friendly cities you can find. The first step to dog friendliness: every park is accessible to dogs. If you are taking a walk feel free to bring your pup with you. Any park allows our furry friends as long as they are on a leash. There are many parks that allow dogs to roam free as well.

If a park is not you style there are many businesses who allow you to bring your dog with you as well. While some areas allow service dogs Seattle takes this a bit further. Some employers allow dogs to be brought to work. More productivity if you are happy with your dog by your side.

There are many businesses that allow shoppers to bringing in their pets as well. If you have a dog that can resist the temptation of food there are even some restaurants that let you dine with your favorite pet.



seattle coffee


For anyone that needs a bit of a kick in the morning Seattle has coffee shops galore. Every time you turn around you are going to find another coffee shop. If one is out of your favorite flavor just walk down a couple blocks and you are sure to find another that isn’t.

If the day is a bit gloomy it is easy to grab a hot cup of coffee to warm up. If your eyes are feeling a bit heavy you can get your caffeine fix and feel a bit more awake for the rest of your day. There are coffee shops that are open twenty four hours a day as well. Get your jolt even at two in the morning.

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