Moving to Seattle Guide: Everything You Should Know

Seattle has a great combination of different industries. In Seattle there is old-fashioned heavy industry, technology, design and a massive service sector.

It is also a great place for music and the arts with a creative heritage that dates back centuries. Seattle is a very clean and smart city with an excellent focus on eco matters.



Things to consider when moving to Seattle

moving guide to Seattle


Because Seattle is surrounded with amazing greenery and nature it is known as the ‘Emerald City’. If you want to live somewhere with access to lush, dense forests then this is the place. If Seattle sounds like your thing then read on for some tips for moving to Seattle:


The price of moving trucks/delivery vehicles do not vary across the different seasons in Seattle. There is no need to delay your move for this reason. Price and availability remains pretty much stable throughout the year.


In the fall and the winter Seattle can be very wet. Although it isn’t quite as bad as somewhere like New York, if you’re out in Seattle from November to January, remember to bring your umbrella!


Seattle is bad for traffic so do what you can to avoid driving through the city. The I90/I5 interchange is particularly bad, so it is highly recommended to find an alternative.




neighborhoods guide in Seattle


The maze-design layout of Seattle can be confusing for newcomers. The city measures 142.5 square miles in size, over a third of which is water. This means that it can be difficult to navigate around because of the number of bridges that cause bottlenecks in traffic, so moving from neighborhood to neighborhood is not always easy. Make sure you do your research to find the best area for you.



Living Cost

living cost in Seattle


The cost of living in Seattle is the very highest in the United States, with average house prices coming in at a whopping $429,000. Seattle was one of the only US cities to not record falls in real estate prices during the recession. In the national cost-of-living index where 100 is the average figure, Seattle is out in the lead at 149.


Employment centres

finding jobs in seattle


It’s a good idea to find somewhere to live that is close to your place of work. Seattle has a good balance of residential neighborhoods and business districts, so it’s normally possible to live somewhere near to work.

Because of the breadth of different industries, there is a lot of opportunity to work in Seattle. There are many large corporations in Seattle so you can really take your pick.



Media Outlets

Seattle news channel


All newcomers should do their best to keep up with what’s going on locally, and there’s no better way of doing this than reading the local newspapers. Below are two good places start:


The Seattle Times

This is a serious newspaper, covering both Washington and Seattle. On Sundays the circulation is over 330,000. It has been a awarded a total of eight Pulitzer Prizes for investigative journalism.


Seattle Weekly

This is great for local events and community news. To understand what’s going on culturally, this is the one to read.



Seattle weather


Seattle has a classic oceanic climate. For two thirds of the year it is likely to be cloudy, and during the winter season there can be very heavy rain and snow. The temperature ranges from 75 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit.




Seattle education guide


If you are moving to Seattle with children then it is obviously important to find the right school. There are plenty of options. The schools are ranked from elementary to secondary through to high school. Most of those schools are in residential areas, so they are easily accessible.

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