Moving to Seattle: Neighborhoods Guide & Advice

Known as the ‘Emerald City’ because of the beautiful green surroundings, Seattle is a picturesque but rather wet place to live. That greenery has to come from somewhere! There are lots of great neighborhoods in amongst the greenery, so read on for some neighborhood tips on moving to Seattle:




moving to seattle downtown


As you would expect from any major city, downtown is a lively place where you can easily find good shopping and good places to eat. The arts and culture in general are well represented downtown too.


If you want to live downtown then you could do a lot worse than renting an apartment in a high rise block. The view never disappoints! And plus if you work locally you will probably be able to walk to work and not need to negotiate the gridlock on the roads.



moving to belltown seattle


This place is packed with condos and apartments for people looking for somewhere lively to live. Some of the greatest bars, nightclubs and restaurants can be found in Belltown. A two bedroom apartment in a condo here will cost on average $425,000.


Capitol Hill

moving to capitol hill seattle


Capitol Hill is a pleasant and peaceful district that is good for families. There are some great shopping options too, with many shopping centers and retail outlets on your doorstep.


Queen Anne

moving to Quenn Anne Seattle


This is the place for the ultimate view of Seattle. Up the hill in Queen Anne is where to go for that knockout view of the cityscape. This is one of the reasons why property in Queen Anne is some of the most sought after in the city, so expect to pay a premium if you want to wake up to those views every morning!


University District

moving to Seattle University District


As the title suggests, this is the main student district of Seattle but is great for non-students too. There are plenty of excellent bookstores to cater for all of the people studying around here, but also there is a fine selection of places to eat, thrift stores, and even tattoo parlors. The northern part of the district is the best place if you’re bringing your family.



moving to Magnolia Seattle


Magnolia is the quintessential suburban environment for those of you who want to raise your children in a quiet neighborhood. As well as being a friendly neighborhood, Magnolia has some wonderful landscape, including the amazingly picturesque Puget Sound. The housing here is very nice looking and showcases some of the best architecture in the whole city.



moving to Ballard Seattle


Ballard is the place for the famous Seattle lakes, Lake Washington and Lake Union. There is an interesting fusion of culture here because of the historic Scandinavian influence. There is quite a lot of good entertainment and nightspots in Ballard, all of which are very easy to walk around.



moving to Fremont Seattle


Fremont is the main creative neighborhood in Seattle. It’s eccentric, it’s fun and it’s lively. Fremont is worth checking out just for the public art alone. Watch out for the annual summer parade too. That really is something special.


West Seattle

moving to West Seattle


This is a very calm and sedate part of town. Newcomers are sure to receive a friendly welcome here. It also provides easy access to Seattle downtown. And check out the stunning panorama of West Seattle and Alki Beach.



mpving to Georgetown Seattle


This is the oldest neighborhood in Seattle, so if you want a truly authentic Seattle experience, this is the place. At only 5 miles away from downtown Seattle, the location is good too. It is famous for it’s great shops. You can have a good family day out in Georgetown.


First Hill

moving to First Hill Seattle


A lot of business is done in First Hill so if you live here, there’s a fair chance you will be able to work within a short distance. Downtown is very close too. Seattle University is located in this neighborhood, and the major sports stadiums are very nearby.


Green Lake

moving to green lake seattle


The name of this neighborhood is a dead giveaway for what it looks like. The center attraction of this place is a lake surrounded by greenery – a truly authentic Seattle experience. This is a great place for a morning walk in the fresh air. There is a nice mixture of families and students in this area who are no doubt attracted by the many cafes, restaurants and boutiques along the main street.

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