Saving Animals in Seattle Where All Dogs Are Welcome

Dog lovers flock to live in Seattle. It is one of the few cities around that emphasizes the importance of those four-legged friends. So many people love the open approach that many areas of the city take with dogs. From parks to restaurants there is a place where the whole family can come in. For those that are really looking to make an impact, there is even a third annual Bark Benefit.


Choosing Seattle

There are many people who are opting to live or visit pet-friendly cities. Seattle loves dogs. There are many businesses that devote their efforts into making their areas dog-friendly. They welcome in dogs or all sizes to have fun with their owners. Making it much easier to enjoy the sites of Seattle.


Dog-Friendly Areas

Dog friendly areas in seattle


So many areas of Seattle are becoming dog-friendly. The first being off-leash dog parks. While some areas only have one dog park available there are over fourteen in Seattle. Each park has its own features and dogs can easily make friends in their size-specific areas. The great outdoors is good for dogs and owners alike. Many of the trails or hiking areas are pet-friendly. They are easy enough for owner and dog to walk while still getting a good workout.


Some restaurants are jumping aboard the dog-friendly bandwagon. There are some restaurants that do ask the pets to stay outside. They let their owners enjoy their meals on pet-friendly patios. A few businesses have taken this a step further and allowed dogs to come inside to dine.


Take a dog on the bus or even on a cruise. Pet owners do not have to worry if they do not own a car. They can still take the bus with their pup to get to one of the many off-leash dog parks. Even the cruise lines in the area have hopped on board. Offering a dog-day for a relaxing cruise.


When visiting another city it can be hard to find a hotel that allows pets. Seattle does not have this problem. At least seventy of their hotels allow pets. Some go as far as having no restrictions for their pet patrons. Even large dogs can join their owners during their stay.


There are many outdoor mall areas that allow dogs to join in on the shopping fun. Many of these areas cater to those pampered pooches. They sell premium dog treats and even handmade toys and accessories. Everyone can go home with a new look and a full belly.


Working with a pet can be difficult. Leaving them home alone all day can make owners and dogs anxious. There are actually more dog owners than parents in Seattle. Meaning there are plenty of doggy daycares to choose from. These businesses thrive on giving pups a great day while their owner is away.


With so many businesses catering to dogs, there are also amazing veterinarian clinics. Seattle has some of the best veterinarian clinics that even provide 24-hour emergency care. Dogs can even come in to get a massage or acupuncture. There is no need to leave the dog at home on spa day, everyone deserves to relax.


Dog Events

Dog Events in Seattle


Since Seattle is an area with so many dog lovers and dog-friendly business it is no wonder they also have dog-oriented events. The Saving Great Animals’ Annual Bark Benefit is celebrating its third event. This event is raising money to help animals who need help.


The event has a ticket price of around one hundred and twenty dollars. This ticket covers the day with up to two drinks and a three-course dinner. After drinks and food participants will be able to bid on items that are up for auction to raise even more money for the animals.


There is no shortage of enjoyment during this event. Be sure to visit the many animals in attendance and give them a little bit of love. Enjoy a fashion show while sipping on a glass of wine and be sure to eat plenty of the delicious food.


Saving Great Animals

Saving Great Animals Organization


The organization, Saving Great Animals, works to help animals that are stuck in shelters where they will ultimately be put-down. Many of these animals were found on the streets or taken away from abusive homes. Many of them will not find homes while they stay in the shelter and the organization helps to find them their forever home before it is too late.


A goal of the organization is to find the best home for each animal. They want all animals to be adopted but they do not let them go without carefully testing the match between the new owner and animal. There is a trial adoption program that allows animals to be adopted after a certain amount of time, if it is a good fit. Many times the organization stays in contact with the family to get wonderful updates on the animal’s life as they thrive.



Animal Fundraising in Seattle


The fundraiser is a fun way to give back to an organization that is dedicated to dogs and other animals. Money that is raised during their fundraisers goes directly to the animals. To help them get forever homes and medical treatment they need. The cost of every ticket is helping animals have happier lives.


There are so many items to bid on during the auction. The event will have two silent auctions and a live auction where guests can try to outbid each other on fantastic items and packages. Sponsors have donated a variety of items to be sold including vacations, spa days, and so much more.


Giving back is so rewarding. Especially, when it is helping animals that are defenseless against their circumstances. Supporting an organization that makes a difference in many animal’s lives is a good way to give back to a community that is centered around a love for dogs.


Seattle is a place where dog-lovers can unite. They fight for their furry friends, support organizations that save them, and even dine with them. This pet-friendly city is innovative with the way their businesses run. It will continue to be the best place to live with pets for a long time to come.


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