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There is nothing more exciting to our team at, CMS Relocation & Logistics, than to receive raving reviews from people, customers, families, friends, and businesses whom we have helped move into their new home or office.


It is a joy to hear sincere gratitude in the voices of the people we serve and work for.


We know moving is a tough job and often a stressful one. We’re here to help make your life easier.


Today we are excited to share yet another honest review from a recent customer whom we helped move here in Seattle, Washington.




Dear Mr. Smith,


I asked if there was someone I could share my experience with CMS and was given your name. I would like to take a moment to share the great experience I had with your outstanding Service Team at your Kent facility.


I have been a long term storage customer of yours for over 20 years. It was finally time to distribute the goods in storage as I was not going to be able to return to Seattle to utilize them. My plan was to fly in from Phoenix for a two day visit. My goods were to be picked up by a charity I had arranged to get them.


Fortunately I was working with Toni Reed on all the arrangements. She was outstanding to work with. She arranged for the goods to be ready on the date I was to arrive. She even gave me names of nearby hotels.


I was to arrive at your facility at 800am and examine the goods and see if there were some boxes that might have business papers that I would need to review. All the arrangements went off perfectly. Everything was out in the dock area at 800am just as we planned. Your crew had arranged the “stuff” so it was easy for me to get to and review. Those on the dock were very friendly and offered to help in any way I might need. The charity truck arrived on schedule and by 100pm my 5000 lbs of household goods was gone.


However there were a number of boxes of papers that I needed to review. Since it was about 29 degrees out that day, Toni arranged for me to work in the heated office in her area. It took half a day on Tuesday and all day on Wednesday for me to complete the task. We recycled a lot of paper and I shredded a bag full.


During that time I was able to watch and listen to your service team in action. They are outstanding !! They truly seemed to care a lot about each customer and potential customer.  They wanted everyone to have a positive and successful experience with your company. They  “Take it personally” and it comes across in how they treat each transaction with your customers and potential customers.


In your type of business it is not the trucks or the wooden storage containers that your customers remember. It is the interface with your employees that makes all the difference in the world.


In an earlier life I was a Vice President of Human Resources for a Fortune 100 service organization. We had 5000 employees many of which interfaced with our customers on a daily basis. We spent a lot of effort working to get our employees to deliver “best in class” service and were benchmarked by many organizations over the years wanting to learn how to do that.


Toni and her team deliver that level of service to your customers and potential customers.


I hope you will take some time to recognize them and the rest of your outstanding team at Kent.(perhaps even buy them all lunch one day) You can be very proud of all of them.


Thank you for the excellent service that your Kent team provided.


Best wishes,

Wayne Nelson

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