Top 5 Escape Rooms in Seattle

Escape rooms are a great way to spend some time with your friends or have a different idea for a date night. Seattle is able to offer a wide variety of escape rooms that vary in theme. Each escape room offers an exciting adventure to challenge yourself and your friends. All of the rooms on this are fitting for beginners to escape rooms. Veterans will still enjoy the new themes these rooms have to offer. If you are looking for a great way to meet new people in the area escape rooms can be an exciting start. With a room that is not fully booked you may be paired with another group. See how well your team does against these 5 escape rooms.

Quest for Excalibur

Quest for excalibur


The Quest for Excalibur is an escape room that is the first episode in the Storybook Legends. If you enjoy the first episode be sure to come back for the second called The Raven and the Red Death. The second episode is oriented around Edgar Allan Poe. The Quest for Excalibur uses the adventure of King Arthur and his knights to put you in an exciting escape room. Your team’s goal is to acquire Excalibur.

The task of extracting Excalibur can be a daunting one. Your group will only have one chance to try and extract Excalibur. Make sure you have the puzzle figured out before attempting. There are four high-definition screens that act as the windows for the room. When looking at these screen they appear as stained glass windows. The stained glass windows show information you will need to complete the room. This can include them acting as puzzles or by providing hints.

Beginners can complete this escape room if you pay attention to the puzzles and tips as they are presented. If you prefer not to play with strangers be sure to book the room in full. If the room is not full you will likely be paired with another group to fill the slot. There can be four to eight team mates at a time and it will take you about an hour to complete.


The Vanishing Act AKA: Locurio

The Vanishing Locurio


The Vanishing Act escape room centers around a magic show. In this magic show the magician has assistants that keep mysteriously disappearing. Your team’s goal is to search through the magician’s dressing room. In this room you will figure out the mystery of the disappearances.

This escape room is extremely enjoyable. It fully immerses you in the world of the magic show. The sets are made with custom music and artwork. There is some acting done as well. With these aspects paired with the puzzles, effects, and an interactive set you are going to love the process of escaping this room.

This room takes two to eight teammates to complete. If you do not book the full slot you may find yourself playing with strangers. It is set up in a way that any beginner should be able to take part in the fun. It should take about seventy minutes to complete the room.


Room 25 Live!

Room 25 Live


Room 25 Live is a reproduction of a board game called Room 25 Live. If you are not familiar with the board game you can still complete this escape room no problem. If you have played the board game you know a little more about the mechanics of the games. It is set in a reality TV show in which you must escape.

The escaping process consists of rescuing a teammate, finding room 25, and then activating the escape sequence. The sequence concentrates on puzzle based actions to navigate you through the room. You must escape in sixty minutes.

Two to six teammates can play this room. If you do not book the whole room you will likely pair with another team. If you want to add in even more fun add the traitor twist to your game. One of your teammates will try to undermine the escape and make the puzzles more interesting.


Escape the Midnight Carnival

Escape the Midnight Carnival


Escape the Midnight Carnival is not exactly what you think. You are not walking into a scary carnival from a horror movie. Instead of concentrating on the spooky theme of a carnival it relies on searching the area for clues to complete the room.

Puzzle Break is the mastermind behind this escape room and it is wildly popular. Meaning you are likely to find yourself in a group of eight to twelve people to complete the room. If you do not have a large group you will be playing with strangers in this sixty minute escape room.

With this large of a group you are going to find yourself in a chaotic situation. There is not paper or pencils allowed so you are going to reply on memory. There will be a lot of shouting back and forth with your group. As you try to remember what you figured out minutes before to escape from the carnival.


The Castle Quest Factor

The Castle Quest Factor


The Castle is an excellent choice for beginners to escape rooms. It is an easier room to complete. What you should be doing can be deciphered easily through the information provided. If you are not familiar with escape rooms or would like a leisurely time figuring one out this is the best choice.

One of the best parts about this escape room is that it will only be your group in the room. It is not sold by person instead it is by room. You are able to have two to right players. The price will increase if your book more players.

The concept of this room is straightforward. Your team will need to find a lost treasure hidden in a room of the castle. The Castle has been beautifully constructed. Every piece in the castle is custom made for an all inclusive theme throughout the whole set.

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